Early Access Players, What Are Your First Impressions Of Starfield?

Alright, so we're approaching 24 hours of early access time with Starfield at the time of writing, so we feel like now's a good time to start asking everyone about their first impressions of Bethesda's new expansive RPG.

We've probably all seen the reviews at this point — the game currently has an impressive Metacritic score of 87 for Xbox Series X and 88 for PC — but what ultimately matters is how you personally feel about it!

Of course, there's every possibility you're waiting until the standard Xbox Game Pass version of Starfield arrives on September 6th, in which case feel free to ignore this Talking Point for now - we'll be sure to do another one next week.

So, how are you feeling about Starfield early access so far? Is the game living up to your expectations? What kind of score do you think you'd give it based on these first few hours alone? We'd love to hear your thoughts down below.

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Tell us your first impressions of Starfield down in the poll and comments.

What Do You Think Of Starfield So Far? (826 votes)

  1. It's absolutely unbelievable!!!24%
  2. It's really great so far, yeah42%
  3. I'd say it's pretty good, but not great yet17%
  4. It's OK6%
  5. It's just a little bit disappointing so far6%
  6. I'm not enjoying it that much to be honest4%
  7. I really really don't like it!!!1%

Which Version Of Starfield Did You Get? (925 votes)

  1. Premium Upgrade (the cheapest one!)52%
  2. Premium12%
  3. Constellation4%
  4. I'm buying the Standard version next week3%
  5. I'm just playing it on Game Pass next week29%