The tech wizards over at Digital Foundry have been trying to answer the question of whether Starfield could run at 60FPS on Xbox Series X, and the answer isn't simple - but it does give us hope for the future!

In order to test this, the team put together "the actual Xbox Series X CPU via the AMD 4800S Desktop Kit, paired with a GPU that's a close match for the PS5's", and then ran Starfield at the closest possible settings to the Xbox Series X version. Then, they dropped the resolution down from 4K to 1440p (matching the Xbox Series S version) and spent a bit of time exploring the game to see what the frame rate was like.

"Most of the time we're beyond 40 frames per-second. So, you know, possibly a 40 frames per-second mode with a different GPU balance or different tweak to dynamic resolution scaling bounds could be viable - or possibly something [like] a VRR-specific mode."

"Neon basically runs locked to 60 frames per-second, which I couldn't quite believe. And then I went into the nightclubs — some minor dips there — but you know, the whole thing was basically running at 60."

Digital Foundry ultimately went on to sum up that a 40FPS mode in Starfield on Xbox Series X definitely seems a potential option based on the limited testing they've done so far, or Bethesda could opt for a Variable Refresh Rate mode instead and unlock the frame rate so those with VRR-supported displays would still see a smooth picture.

As for a dedicated 60FPS performance mode though, it seems a big ask for Starfield to try and reach that goal at a stable level throughout the entire game, so it's unlikely to happen. Then again, never say never!

Would you like to see a 40FPS performance mode for Starfield on Xbox Series X? Tell us below.