Bethesda's Todd Howard has been speaking about Starfield in a massive new interview with Kinda Funny Games today, and as part of it, he was asked once again about the decision to make the game 30FPS on Xbox Series X and Series S.

This time, he went into a bit more detail about why he doesn't see it as an issue, highlighting how the decision was based on achieving "consistency" and not wanting to take features away in order to implement a performance mode.

"We never looked at taking features away, our focus is on delivering all of that."

"Ultimately, we boil it down to - we wanted the consistency. The game is running great, but we don't want players to ever think about it... we have obviously seen other games that have performance modes, but we lean towards consistency."

Howard then went on to discuss how Starfield is implementing various techniques to make 30 frames per-second feel smooth on Xbox consoles, even going as far as saying it's the "best feeling game that we've had".

"We're feeling really great, the game feels great in your hands. And I would say, developers know this but there are things that you can do to make that look and feel great - things like motion blur, how fast the game refreshes or reacts to a controller input, all of those things matter in something feeling great, and I can honestly say this is the best feeling game that we've had."

Howard is clearly not worried about Starfield's 30 frames per-second target on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, then, so it sounds like we're in for a fantastic experience on all platforms when the game arrives on September 6th!

Where will you be playing Starfield when it launches later this year? Tell us down below.

How Will You Be Playing Starfield? (587 votes)

  1. Xbox Series X62%
  2. Xbox Series S22%
  3. PC14%
  4. Xbox Cloud Gaming3%