Ready to start talking next next-gen yet? We've already heard that a 2028 launch is the rough timeline for Microsoft's next generation plans, however, fresh FTC documents have now dropped a hint at what exactly the Xbox owner is planning for its next console - including a new 'hybrid' approach to next-gen gaming.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Microsoft wants to leverage cloud gaming even further as we move beyond Xbox Series X and S. A new leaked document says the team's next console will be a "hybrid gaming platform" combining native hardware power with new cloud capabilities.

It's all a bit mumbo-jumbo at the moment but the long and short of it is that Microsoft wants console and cloud to merge closer together in the form of a 'hybrid' next-generation console - something that's certainly been hinted at in the past.

As we said in our Xbox Series X refresh post, the above details are definitely not set in stone - these FTC docs are seemingly a few years old at this stage. Still, it's interesting to get a peek at Microsoft's evolving plans, and also have more of an idea about how Xbox's next generation will look.

So, yeah, expect at least another five-or-so years from Xbox Series X and S as yet more console refresh plans leak. However, Microsoft is already well on its way to developing a new console platform, and we look forward to hearing more about it in future.

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