Xbox Is Expecting The 'Next Generation Of Consoles' To Begin In 2028

If you're wondering when a brand-new generation of Xbox consoles will come along, we might have a (rough) answer! According to Microsoft, the current expectation is that the next generation will arrive around the year 2028.

This is according to court documents that Microsoft filed as part of the FTC hearing. The date was mentioned while the company was discussing a potential 10-year deal for Call of Duty on PlayStation.

The following is a quote that was obtained by IGN earlier this week:

"This term would in any case go beyond the expected starting period of the next generation of consoles (in 2028)."

"Thus, Call of Duty will be published on successor PlayStation consoles should one be released during the term of the agreement. The agreement also would ensure that Call of Duty console games are offered on PlayStation at parity with Xbox.”

There's a lot that can change over the course of five years, but when you consider that the Xbox One generation lasted seven years, it seems a pretty safe bet to say we'll be opening up our brand-new Xboxes around 2028.

That doesn't take the next Nintendo console into account, of course, which is anticipated to arrive much sooner. It's also not talking about any kind of mid-gen refreshes, as Xbox doesn't seem to be getting one of those this generation.

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