At Some Point, Rockstar Was Seemingly Working On Red Dead Redemption 2 For Xbox Series X|S

Red Dead Redemption 2 on current-gen consoles has been a pretty hot topic since Xbox Series X|S launched, and while we've not heard anything official on a port yet, it was seemingly in the works at some stage. Thanks to today's huge FTC document leak, we know that Microsoft was aware of plans for RDR2 to launch for the ninth generation of consoles - including Xbox Series X and S.

The leak comes from an internal email that gathered up a bunch of potential upcoming releases, when they were set to launch, and whether they were likely to come to Xbox Game Pass.

As you can see in the above image there, Take-Two was seemingly working on bringing Red Dead 2 natively to this generation of consoles in 2023, and Microsoft was potentially targeting it for a day and date Game Pass launch. Of course, the year is almost over and we haven't seen an announcement yet, let alone the actual launch!

However, the company did practically shadow drop Red Dead Redemption onto other platforms just last month, so you can't really rule anything out with Rockstar & Co. It's best to temper your expectations though, as these are simply internal plans between Microsoft employees and nothing official has been announced.

If you want to read all about today's huge Xbox leaks, which include plenty of juicy details, check the link down below.

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