Xbox Unveils Starfield Vasco Funko POP!, Available To Pre-Order Now

If you like Starfield and you like Funko POP! figures, have we got a treat for you!

Xbox has today unveiled the official and exclusive Starfield Vasco Funko POP!, which is now available to pre-order on the Xbox Gear Shop for £14.95 / $17.99. Be quick though, as there are only limited quantities!

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We'll throw some more details about the Starfield Vasco Funko POP! down below, along with screenshots. Keep in mind that it's not expected to ship until February of 2024, so you'll be waiting a while until arrives.

"Prepare to explore the Starfield universe with a lovable robot companion by your side. The Vasco limited edition Funko Pop! is an Xbox Gear Shop exclusive that is perfectly posed to ensure this expeditionary robot meets the mission requirements as a prized display piece on your shelf. This XGS exclusive figure is available to preorder in limited quantities, don’t miss out!"

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