Xbox Fan Sparks Huge Debate After Receiving First 'Strike' For Bad Language

It's been a couple of weeks now since Xbox announced plans to introduce a new "strike" based enforcement system, and the community still seems divided over whether it's been implemented effectively so far or not.

There's actually been a lot of debate about it in the Xbox Series X Reddit community over the past few days, sparked by one Xbox user revealing that they'd received a strike for using the term "wtf" in a discussion about a game:

Here's their explanation on what exactly happened before they received the strike:

"I clicked on a post for a game and there was an active discussion going on in the comments (didn’t know that was possible). I said “wtf going on here” cause they were talking about hackers and doxxing eachother and i was suspended a couple hours later (also didn’t know discussion messages could be reported but makes sense)."

This post has racked up almost 1000 comments at the time of writing, with many suggesting that the strike is harsh, albeit pointing out that it's best not to get involved in discussions like this in the first place.

Ultimately, Microsoft says its content moderation efforts "are not changing" as a result of the new strike system, but instead players are now getting "clarity into how their behavior impacts their experience". There's also still the possibility of appealing these strikes, but only if they're "eligible for a case review".

Xbox boss Phil Spencer also recently commented on concerns with the strike system, telling IGN's Ryan McCaffrey that the Xbox's community's feedback is "helpful" and he's sure the team "will want to continue to tune the system".

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