Phil Spencer Responds To Concerns Over New Xbox Enforcement System

Yesterday, Xbox unveiled its new enforcement system in which players will now receive "Strikes" for violating the Xbox Community Standards (leading to various levels of suspensions), and it's attracted plenty of discourse ever since.

IGN executive editor Ryan McCaffrey took to Twitter last night to share his concerns that eight strikes feels like too many "slaps on the wrist" for a one-year ban, which promoted Xbox boss Phil Spencer to respond.

Here's a look at the exchange between McCaffrey and Spencer:

Following this, the IGN editor thanked Spencer for "directly address[ing] what I was getting at", with Spencer pointing out that his feedback was "helpful" and the enforcement system will likely be tweaked as time goes on.

"The feedback is helpful and I'm sure we will want to continue to tune the system. The visibility into how the system works along with the transparency reports we put out will allow people to see our progress and how the systems are working. It's an important topic."

This new "Strike" system is already in place as of this week, and as alluded to above, Microsoft says the idea behind it is to "give players a better understanding of enforcement severity and the cumulative effect of multiple enforcements."

We've covered these changes to Xbox's enforcement strategy elsewhere on Pure Xbox:

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