With Starfield preloads going live today, we're now finally on the verge of the game's long-awaited release, and that inevitably means spoilers will be littering the internet from those who are somehow able to get access before it arrives.

In fact, it's apparently already begun. Various Starfield related social media accounts are warning fans to remain vigilant right now, with a suggestion that the entire narrative of the game has already leaked:

In addition to this, there's been a suggestion that Starfield will be getting "review bombed" on Metacritic when it launches in early September. We've seen multiple instances of this in the past with games such as Halo Infinite and Calico, and while it's always a nuisance, it ultimately doesn't affect the main score - just the "User" score.

The main takeaway here is that you'll want to keep an eye out when browsing Starfield material over the next few weeks for any nasty surprises! We won't be sharing any spoilers here at Pure Xbox unless we specifically state otherwise.

Have you got any advice for avoiding Starfield spoilers? Tell us down in the comments below.