Calico Gets Review Bombed On Xbox, Dev Calls For 'Better Moderation'

We don't know about you, but we've never been very impressed with the review system on Xbox. Look closely enough, and you'll find far too many reviews that are full of inappropriate language — they're just not moderated very well.

That's what the developer of Calico has been stating this week, after the game was "review bombed" following its inclusion as part of August 2022's Xbox Games with Gold selection. Here's the original complaint:

As you can imagine, this drummed up a lot of attention and ultimately led to a response, with confirmation from the Calico team that the Xbox team were "handling the reviews that include hate speech and targeted harassment".

However, they also called on "better moderation" for reviews on the Xbox Store moving forward, which we definitely agree with here at Pure Xbox. It can't be easy keeping track of everything, but there's undoubtedly work to be done.

Here's what the Calico team had to say in their follow-up:

"We got through and Xbox is handling the reviews that include hate speech and targeted harassment. Thanks for the support! I'm hoping long term they implement better moderation for store reviews when they have a free event."

"Reviews are so valuable to both devs and players. We're a small team working on our skills, and reviews help us figure out what issues we should focus on! We have valuable feedback to gather from there, and it makes it much easier when we dont have to wade through fake reviews."

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