Halo infinite reviews

It's no secret that the fan reaction to Halo Infinite's most recent developer update hasn't been very positive. The news that seems to have caused the biggest stir is 343's decision to drop development on local split screen co-op, a feature that's been in the works in some fashion since launch. Sadly, these announcements have led to a bit of review bombing over on Steam.

In the week or so since the announcements, Halo Infinite's Steam reviews have skewed negative, with the platform's tools now judging recent reviews as 'mostly negative'. For now, the overall user reception remains 'mostly positive', from the game's launch through to the present day.

Halo Infinite Steam

Some of the reviews within this negative pile do bring up some valid points on the lack of features added to Halo Infinite since launch. One such review reels off an extensive list of features that still aren't present in 343's latest Halo title, and it makes for, admittedly, disappointing viewing.

However, as usual with review bombing, there are plenty of reviews in here that don't help the situation at all. This sort of feedback just isn't useful to anyone, and we'd argue that calling Halo Infinite a "dumpster fire" is more than harsh considering how fun the core game is. The way the game plays hasn't changed since its well-received launch!

Is review bombing pointless? Or a way to send a message to developers? Let us know what you think down below.