Obsidian Drafts In Devoted Studios To Help With Xbox Exclusive 'Avowed'

Finally seeing more of Xbox RPG Avowed has been one of our highlights of summer showcase season so far, and we're hoping that news of Devoted Studios jumping aboard to help out means the game might actually arrive in 2024.

The LA-based support studio has announced that it is assisting the Xbox first party team by creating "stunning 3D assets" for Avowed.

During the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, Obsidian confirmed that it was aiming for a 2024 release with Avowed, meaning it's one of the closer Xbox projects in the pipeline - beyond 2023 anyway. Of course, being first party, Avowed will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass.

Bringing support studios on board is commonplace within modern AAA development, so this is certainly no cause for concern to us. Hopefully Obsidian is getting all the support it needs to deliver its upcoming fantasy RPG in 2024!

Are you hyped for Avowed launching next year? Let us know your thoughts on this news down below.