We've been hearing about Obsidian's next major RPG for a while now, and well, Avowed has returned! The team has unveiled a first look at gameplay in its new Xbox Games Showcase trailer, and we're very pleased with what we're seeing here.

Following the team's run with The Outer Worlds it's nice to see Obsidian take a fresh stab at a fantasy RPG - and it very much looks like the team is putting its own spin on things. It's still a ways off of course, but Avowed is shaping up nicely and could be a real Game Pass treat.

Avowed hits Xbox and PC, including Xbox Game Pass of course, in 2024. Take a look at the brand-new footage up above, and here's a brief introduction to this new Xbox exclusive RPG:

"Expanding the universe that we created for the original Pillars of Eternity games, Avowed brings a new perspective, a new way to fight, and a new land to explore in the world of Eora. The Pillars games are near and dear to us and we can’t wait to share Avowed with everyone next year."

What do you think to this gameplay reveal for Avowed? Happy to finally see it in action? Let us know.