Bethesda Exec 'Hasn't Come Close' To Finishing Starfield After 160 Hours

It's fair to say that Bethesda Game Studios' titles tend to stick around for a while after launch, and it sounds like their upcoming RPG Starfield is going to fit that mold as well. In a new interview with Xbox On, Bethesda's Pete Hines says that he's played a lot of Starfield already and "hasn't come close" to seeing everything in the game.

By 'a lot' of time, we mean 150-160 hours. Yep, Hines claimed that he's made that much progress in Starfield so far, and that he's still finding new things to see and discover. You can check out the exec's response in the Twitter clip down below:

This discussion took place during Gamescom 2023, where Xbox & Bethesda are showing up with Starfield in a big way. Not only did the team bring a gorgeous live action trailer to the Opening Night Live showcase, but a separate presentation is also available on the show floor for fans in attendance at the German gaming convention.

We're mere days away from this hugely anticipated title hitting Xbox and PC, with early access starting next week ahead of the Xbox Game Pass launch on September 6.

How many hours do you see yourself putting into Starfield? Make your best guess down in the comments section!