AEW Announces 'Texas Deathmatch' To Promote New Xbox Game Pass Release

We've seen some interesting promotions for new Xbox games in our time, and this is definitely another unique one! Wrestling company AEW has announced it'll be holding a special "Texas Deathmatch" on AEW Dynamite this coming Wednesday to promote the release of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Xbox Game Pass.

In fact, they're going one step further by stating that it'll feature the "FIRST-EVER Texas Chainsaw Massacre Death Match Championship", and even hinting that Leatherface might show up during the event:

There's clearly a lot of weight being thrown behind this new Dead By Daylight-style multiplayer experience, which arrives on Xbox Game Pass this Friday, August 18th. If you're interested, you can actually preload it right now!

As for AEW, owner Tony Khan had some comments to share about the success of AEW Fight Forever this week, stating that he's been "thrilled" with the launch of the game and suggesting that it has a "really strong" future ahead of it.

Will you be checking out The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Xbox Game Pass? Tell us down below.