Xbox Series S 'xScreen' Reduced By 40% For Amazon Prime Day

Alright, so we know we highlighted the Xbox Series S 'xScreen' as recently as last week, and we promise we aren't affiliated with these folks (!), but we thought you might be interested in a "40%" discount for Amazon Prime Day.

UPSpec Gaming (the creator of the xScreen) is describing this as a 40% discount due to the original price of $249.99, but Amazon is only classing it as a 20% deal - that's because it officially arrived on Amazon for $199.99 last week.

"xScreen for Xbox Series S is over 40% off for Prime Day!!. Get it now for $159.99 while it lasts. Accessories are up to 50% off too!"

The new price for Amazon Prime Day is $159.99, as you can see below.

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The only downside to this is that the xScreen isn't available on Amazon in certain regions — the UK, for example — and the import fees make it expensive to purchase from the United States. At the moment, we can't see a way of buying the device via the UPSpec Gaming website like you could before, so it seems Amazon is your only option for now.

In terms of what it's like, we reviewed the xScreen at launch and found it to be a great compliment to the Xbox Series S for anyone who enjoys playing portably — and various members of Team Xbox have shown support for it as well.

Do you own the xScreen? Think this is a good deal? Tell us in the comments section below.