Phil Spencer's Xbox Series S Travelled With Him To ActiBlizz Court Hearing 2

There may well be lots of serious business talk going down at these Activision Blizzard court proceedings, but it doesn't seem to be stopping Phil Spencer from playing games. The Xbox boss has made sure he can squeeze in some precious gaming time this week, by packing in his Xbox Series S and an xScreen attachment on his travels to Europe.

What is he playing you may ask? As it turns out, the man seems to be enjoying Hi-Fi RUSH on his portable Xbox setup.

Look, sometimes you've just got to de-stress haven't you! We're sure it's not easy going through round after round of talks with Sony and the likes, so it's probably a sound idea to pack in that Xbox Series S for travelling. The UPspec xScreen attachment is a great companion for it as well!

As for what's actually been going down at this week's EU court hearing? Well, quite a lot actually. While Sony is seemingly still against signing any sort of deal, Microsoft has made agreements with both Nintendo and Nvidia this week regarding the future of Activision Blizzard titles under potential Xbox ownership.

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