Xbox's Redfall Plan 'Right Now' Is To Keep The Studio Open & Working On Updates

It's not exactly a secret that Redfall ended up being a big disappointment for Xbox when it launched last month, and over the past week, various Xbox executives have been asked about the game and how the team feels about it.

Speaking to Axios, Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty advised that he felt "accountable" over the situation, suggesting that Team Xbox could have done a better job assisting Arkane when it came to setting expectations for the title. As a result, he's advised he wants to support the studio in delivering what they originally had in mind.

When asked whether Arkane Austin would remain open in the future, Booty simply stated that it's the "plan right now". The focus at the moment for the developer is to keep working on updates and "continued content" for the game.

Fortunately, Redfall did receive a pretty stacked update earlier this week in the form of Update 1.1, and of course we've still got the 60 frames per-second feature to come — although this hasn't been dated as of yet. Hopefully in a year's time, we'll all be talking about how well Arkane Austin has turned things around with this multiplayer shooter!

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