Xbox Promises To Release New Exclusives 'More Reliably' In The Future

Following today's Xbox Games Showcase 2023 event, the official Xbox Wire website has put out an extensive blog detailing how the brand is planning for a bright future, which includes a more reliable rollout of exclusives.

Specifically, the intent is for Xbox to release at least four first-party titles per-year:

"We know that players choose to play Xbox because of great content. Our ambition is to release at least four first-party games a year- although we’ll also balance that out with careful consideration for each project’s needs. That’s on top of the work our teams are doing to grow our existing communities that we’ve fostered over many years like The Elder Scrolls Online, Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, Forza, and so on."

It's mentioned as part of this that Xbox's first-party games now have 150 million monthly active users, with a statement mentioning how the team is committed to "investing in new franchises, taking risks, and creating the most diverse line-up of games from any company in the industry".

In fact, this year's Xbox Showcase is described as "the most ambitious line-up of games we’ve ever presented", with Starfield singled out as a game that's expected to become the "most-played Bethesda Game Studios title, ever".

Strong words from Team Xbox, then! We'd love to hear what you think about this statement down below.

Do you think (at least) four first-party games per-year is a good target? Tell us in the comments.