DICE's fifth season of Battlefield 2042 content is almost upon us, with the team's next update hitting Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on June 7th. As this is a free update for all, the Season 5 content will be available for EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate players too, and you might want to jump in - especially if you're a long time Battlefield player.

That's because the new map for Battlefield 2042 Season 5 is a reimagining of a Battlefield 4 classic. Yep, the fan-favourite 'Zavod 311' map returns with a fresh coat of pearly white paint (that'll be the lashings of snow), although its layout has been tweaked a little bit for the new 'Reclaimed' version. What hasn't been tweaked is our ability to succumb to the Battlefield pros over and over again, as you can see in our early hands-on gameplay up above.

Despite the near-constant need for a medic, we had good fun checking out the new map and some of the new weapons Season 5 is bringing to the table. We have a new Assault Rifle and a new Sniper option in the 'New Dawn' season, along with a trusty Desert Eagle hand cannon. Ah, that'll do the trick!

Later on in the season, 2042's final base map re-work is coming with a tweaked version of 'Hourglass'. For now we don't have a timeline on this one, just that it's coming during Season 5. Once that map edit drops, it'll have been quite the turnaround from the launch days of Battlefield 2042!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this early look at Season 5 of BF 2042. Whether you're planning on trying the new content out through Xbox Game Pass, or you own a copy of DICE's 2021 shooter - we'll see you out on the Battlefield.

The Desert Eagle is goated, right? Let us know your sidearm of choice down below.