Playground Games' Fable reboot opened today's Xbox Games Showcase 2023 - and it looks absolutely phenomenal through the title's first in-game trailer.

Of course, we've dropped the new video clip up above, which provides just a sneak peek at Xbox's upcoming reboot of the famous RPG franchise. For now, we don't have a release window on this one, so we'll have to wait a wee bit longer to hear when we can go hands on with Fable!

The title was first revealed way back in 2020 when Microsoft began showcasing its 'next-gen' lineup, and we've been largely in the dark on it since. Here's hoping that Fable reaches the finish line in a reasonable time frame!

While we're waiting for that all-important date, here's Playground's latest synopsis on a new beginning for Fable:

"What does it mean to be a Hero? Well, in the fairytale land of Albion, that is entirely up to you. With a dark threat looming, and in a world where your reputation precedes you, your choices will change Albion forever."

When do you expect Fable to launch? Give us your best guesses down below.