The fantastic Xbox Game Pass title Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been treated to its first DLC today in the form of the "Battle of Zhongyuan" expansion. It's available right now on the Xbox Store, and it's also included in the Season Pass.

This DLC introduces a brand-new story chapter (which is detailed below), along with a new weapon type, new armour, a new Divine Beast called "Feilian", new demons, and even an increased difficulty mode!

"Battle of Zhongyuan" is available to purchase separately for £9.49 / $11.99, or you can get it included in the Season Pass for £19.99 / $24.99. Xbox Game Pass members get a discount of 10% on all of those prices as well!

"Battle of Zhongyuan" unfolds the saga of Cao Cao's army, who, after the collapse of anti-Dong Zhuo coalition, schemes to expand their influence throughout the Zhongyuan region. Accompanying this epic story are gameplay expansions including new battlefields, weapons, armor, Divine Beast and demons, alongside a more challenging difficulty mode.

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