Random: Xbox Boss Spotted Rocking Huge Fallout Helmet Behind The Scenes

Fallout fever is certainly spreading at the moment, as the brand-new TV show hits a massive viewership milestone in just over two weeks since its release - and it seems that Xbox boss Phil Spencer has caught the bug over at Microsoft HQ right now.

Posting to Instagram, Xbox exec Sarah Bond initially asked fans to guess who exactly was rocking some huge Brotherhood of Steel headgear, before going on to reveal that it was the man himself behind the helmet.

Here, have a look at Bond's big reveal in three stages:

It makes sense that both Xbox and Bethesda would like to further capitalise on Fallout's current success, and while 'Fallout 5' isn't imminent at the moment, Todd Howard has talked about the team's desire to increase development output in the coming years.

We also discussed this very topic in a recent feature, asking PX readers if Xbox should be pushing for more Fallout content as quickly as possible. As Todd says though, "making sure they're of the highest quality" is the most important thing for any future Bethesda releases.

Want one of these huge Fallout helmets for yourself? Rate Phil's new look down in the comments section below!

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