The stunning indie adventure Planet of Lana has been out for around a month now on Xbox Game Pass, and for the creative director behind the game, the fantastic reception has been a "surreal" thing to experience.

Adam Stjärnljus of developer "Wishfully" revealed this on the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast last week, highlighting that not only has the general feedback been great, but he's also been thankful for the praise from Xbox's Phil Spencer:

"It does feel really good. I'm happy that Phil [Spencer] liked it as well. It's been surreal, it really has been. Just trying to take small moments of appreciation and really feeling grateful for [the fact that] people like the game and they play it... I'm so happy about that."

"For us, [the experience with Xbox] has only been very, very positive. Xbox has been so great to work with and they've been so supportive and they really love indie games over there. For us, it was an easy decision."

In our review of Planet of Lana here at Pure Xbox, we gave the game a "Great" 8/10 score, and PX members backed us up on this - voting it the best Xbox Game Pass title of May 2023 by a pretty substantial margin!

The full interview (which you can watch above) goes into more detail about how the game was created, as well as teasing that although there won't be any DLC for Planet of Lana, the developer has "bigger plans for the IP" in the future.

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