Xbox Boss Phil Spencer 'Really Enjoying' New Game Pass Indie Title

We know that the boss enjoys playing Xbox quite a bit - especially when it comes to checking out what the team is bringing to the Game Pass library. It's no surprise then that Xbox's Phil Spencer has been playing the highly-rated Planet of Lana recently, and he seems to be having a good time with it.

Spencer has once again taken to Twitter to let us all know that he's been "really enjoying" Planet of Lana so far. The colourful puzzle platformer arrived as a day one Game Pass launch last week.

We're glad to see Phil enjoying his time with this one - just as we have done! Last week, we rated Planet of Lana very highly, scoring this "gorgeous new Xbox Game Pass adventure" 8/10 in our Pure Xbox review.

So, you now know how both us at PX, and Xbox's Phil Spencer feel about Planet of Lana, but, what score would you give this new Game Pass indie title? Let us know if you're enjoying your time with it so far - if you've had chance to jump in yet!

Vote in the poll down below and let us know what score you'd give Planet of Lana!

What Review Score Would You Give Planet Of Lana? (521 votes)

  1. 10/10 (Outstanding)17%
  2. 9/10 (Excellent)31%
  3. 8/10 (Great)20%
  4. 7/10 (Good)12%
  5. 6/10 (Not Bad)5%
  6. 5/10 (Average)4%
  7. 4/10 (Poor)2%
  8. 3/10 (Bad)1%
  9. 2/10 (Terrible)1%
  10. 1/10 (Abysmal)7%