Phil Spencer: Sony Uses Revenue From Our Games To Reduce Xbox's 'Survival In The Market'

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed as part of today's FTC hearing that he believes Sony is using revenue from Xbox games on the PlayStation platform to try and reduce Xbox's survival in the market.

Spencer was questioned about how the company feels when releasing games on PlayStation, claiming that Sony is using the money that's generated from those titles to try and block other games from coming to Xbox.

Here's an extract courtesy of Windows Central:

"PlayStation uses the money they make off of Xbox Games on PS5 to pay for other games to block on the Xbox Platform."

Spencer went on to talk about this further, calling Sony an "aggressive competitor" and explaining that the company gets 30% of the revenue when Xbox releases a title on PlayStation - again suggesting that it's used to harm Xbox.

The following is courtesy of Sports Illustrated:

“Every time we ship a game on PlayStation... Sony captures 30 percent of the revenue that we do on their platform and then they use that money among other revenue that they have to do things to try to reduce Xbox’s survival on the market."

It would appear the Head of Xbox is alluding to the third-party deals that Sony has obtained for PlayStation over the years such as Final Fantasy and even Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo prior to Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda.

In fact, Microsoft was seemingly so worried about Starfield becoming a PlayStation exclusive that it ended up becoming an "impetus" behind the company's takeover of ZeniMax Media a couple of years ago.

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