Xbox Was Worried It Would Lose Starfield Prior To Bethesda Acquisition

Phil Spencer has explained as part of today's FTC hearing that there was a chance Starfield was going to skip the Xbox platform entirely at one point, and the company felt it had to "secure content to remain viable in the business".

Here's what the Xbox boss had to say earlier today, courtesy of The Verge:

“When we acquired ZeniMax one of the impetus for that is that Sony had done a deal for Deathloop and Ghostwire... to pay Bethesda to not ship those games on Xbox."

"So the discussion about Starfield when we heard that Starfield was potentially also going to end up skipping Xbox, we can’t be in a position as a third-place console where we fall further behind on our content ownership so we’ve had to secure content to remain viable in the business.”

Of course, Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo ended up being timed PlayStation exclusives for a year even following the Bethesda acquisition, as Microsoft promised to honour Sony's existing deals for both titles.

So, not only is Microsoft relying on Starfield to be the biggest first-party hit of 2023, but the company is also suggesting it was a big reason why it paid $7.5 billion for ZeniMax Media back in early 2021! Let's hope it lives up to the hype...

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