The latest entry in Codemasters and EA Sports' long-running F1 series arrives later this week in the form of F1 23, and if you're an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate / EA Play member, you can start playing it right now with a five-hour free trial!

Here's how to find the F1 23 free trial with Xbox Game Pass:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store app on your Xbox
  2. Search for 'F1 23'
  3. Look for "View Free Trial" or "Install" with EA Play
  4. Once you've hit "Install", your download should begin

In terms of reviews, F1 23 is off to a great start with a Metacritic rating of 83 for PlayStation 5 and 82 for PC (the Xbox Series X|S version doesn't have enough ratings yet). We'll throw some samples down below:

God Is A Geek (9/10)

"EA Sports F1 23 is an improvement on last year, bringing back the enjoyable Braking Point story, and providing better control on the track."

PC Gamer (87/100)

"The excellent story, still-superlative career and loot-based F1 World make for a convincing and gigantic F1 experience."

Videogamer (8/10)

"F1 23 is a fast-paced thrill-ride plunging you into the extraordinary world of Formula One. Braking Point 2 is a huge success, and while other elements of the game have barely changed, the gameplay itself is as addictive as it is enthralling."

Sports Illustrated (7/10)

"In conclusion, F1 23 has few standout innovations compared to last year’s game, and is lucky enough to come along with a genuine revolution in the sport. F1 World’s good and will only get better, while the game remains a fun and authentic simul-arcade experience and a solid starting point for those willing to learn how to play with a steering wheel."

The standard edition of F1 2023 launches on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S this Friday, June 16th. If you can't wait until then, there's also a Champions Edition which is available right now.

Will you be trying the F1 23 free trial on Xbox Game Pass? Tell us down in the comments below.