Dead Island 2 Roadmap Includes Release Windows For 2 Story Expansions 1

A brand-new Dead Island 2 roadmap has been detailed by developer Dambuster Studios, and it includes some welcome info about the game's upcoming story add-ons. 'Haus' is the first Dead Island 2 expansion landing in Q4 2023, while the 'SOLA Festival' heads to Xbox in Q2 2024.

Here's a very brief introduction to both expansions - we'll learn more about them in the coming months.

"First expansion: How does a billionaire prepare for the zompocalypse? A techno-death cult with a healthy splash of debauchery and gore! The first story expansion, Haus, will release in Q4, 2023.

Second expansion: Welcome to the SOLA festival, where LA's party people can greenwash their way to ecstasy and save the planet, one rave at a time. So L.A! SOLA Festival, will launch in Q2, 2024."

A couple of smaller DLC packs are actually out now as well; one being a free skin pack. That'll be the 'Til Dawn' Collection, while the 'Catwalk Collection' is made up of six paid character & weapon combos.

Finally, the title's first quality-of-life patch has also landed, adding a 'cosplay' feature to the game among various other bug fixes and such. We'll drop the new Dead Island 2 patch notes down below.

Dead Island 2 Xbox Update Patch Notes

Added 'Cosplay' Feature

  • Players can access the new Cosplay feature in the game's main menu. This feature will allow you to change Slayer character skins. All skins will be displayed, even if they are not all immediately available. For more details about the different skin collections and their availability, check out our other blogs:

  • Introducing the HELL-A Catwalk Collection - Premium Character Packs in Dead Island 2

  • Unveiling the ‘Til Dawn’ Collection: A set of free skins for Dead Island 2

  • Slay in Style with Dead Island 2 ‘From Dusk’ Collection Skins and Weapons – available through Amazon Prime Gaming

  • Fixed issue with joining co-op games

  • Fixed the problem where players faced the [0x1411] error, which didn't allow them to join co-op sessions.

  • Fixed walking through walls

  • Fixed an issue where players could walk through walls in the Halperin Hotel under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed missing NPCs

  • Some players faced issues where some NPCs could have been missing across the whole game - that is now fixed.

  • Fixed the title screen issue

  • Fixed the issue where players couldn't close the title screen via "Quit" when the language was set to Japanese and they were in full-screen mode.

  • Fixed stuck-in geometry issues

  • Players were facing some issues upon dying and respawning in Bel Air, getting stuck and unable to open the door in the Lifeguard Hut when handing in the quest to Burt, and picking up circuit breakers and wrenches in Bel Air. These geometry issues are now fixed.

  • Fixed the "Fools Gold" reward issue

  • Fixed the issue where some players didn't receive the Blood Rage weapon after finishing the Fool's Gold quest.

  • Fixed the "Diaries of the Dead" issue

  • Fixed the issue where the "Diaries of the Dead" mission-specific Mutator and Butcher sometimes failed to leave their correlating containers, resulting in a progression blocker.

Client's co-op improvements

  • By Client, we refer to the player who joins the Host in the co-op session - which means each session can contain up to two Clients. This update fixes multiple Client issues, including:

  • The ability to jump unreasonably high against flat surfaces

  • Desync when zombies are stunned by Perfect Block or Dodge, which results in teleporting, sliding, and discrepancies in location between Clients
  • Clients becoming stuck in vents
  • Enemies A-Posing after dying to a Clients Paired Heavy Attack

  • Enemies not taking any damage when hit with a jerrycan or with a circuit breaker by a Client

  • Specific hazard warnings fail to show for Clients.

Performance and Stability Improvements

  • This fixes different in-game crashes, including traveling, loading screen, and respawning during missions.

Other fixes

  • Various Improvements for Ultrawide Displays
  • Various Improvements to HDR
  • Multiple improvements to player animations
  • Adjustments made for improving dynamic range and clarity of zombies and dialogue in combat
  • Other minor fixes.

Are you excited for Dead Island 2 DLC? Let us know down below!