Image: Xbox

We're now just days out from the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, and to help build the excitement, Xbox's social media account has gone and shared quite an interesting 21-second teaser video that's got a lot of fans talking about the possibility of a Fable reveal.

In the clip below, you can see the camera following a trail of glitter while fantasy-like music plays in the background. As highlighted by IGN's executive editor Ryan McCaffrey, Fable also uses trails of glitter like this to guide you to your next objective...

Fans have gone one step further, seemingly linking the music in this teaser to the original game. One, in particular, connects it to a "Bowerstone" music track in the first game, which was released as a console exclusive on Xbox in 2004.

This teaser and talks of the new Fable potentially being shown at the upcoming Showcase on 11th June follows a rumour in March suggesting the fantasy RPG series was still "miles away". Of course, it could be a long way off, but there's also the chance Microsoft and Playground are finally gearing up for a proper reveal.

Microsoft first announced a new Fable game back in July 2020 with a brief teaser trailer. It's being developed by the talented UK developer Playground Games, well-known for its open-world racing series Forza Horizon.

What do make of the above video? Do you think we might finally see some actual footage of this highly anticipated Xbox release or could it be for something else? Share your thoughts in the comments.