Xbox Series X|S Reaches 2 Million Sales In UK, Climbs Into Top 10 Fastest-Selling List

Xbox hardware sales may have dropped off in recent months, but overall, Microsoft's start to the generation is looking pretty good so far. New UK sales data from reveals that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have now hit two million units sold in the region - that's at a faster pace than Nintendo Switch!

Yep, according to the data, Microsoft has hit the sales milestone in 128 weeks, whereas it took Nintendo 140 weeks to hit two million sales in the UK. Of course, Switch has now sold more than any individual Xbox console ever has worldwide, but still, it definitely shows a very solid start to the Xbox Series X|S generation.

The figure puts Xbox Series consoles behind both Xbox 360 and Xbox One in terms of sale speed in the UK, but when you factor in unprecedented stock shortages that plagued the first year-or-so of this generation, we still reckon the systems have done pretty well so far.

The site also lists the top 10 fastest-selling consoles in the UK, which now includes all generations of Xbox.

Here's that list:

Ranking Console Release Year Weeks to 2m Sales
1 Nintendo Wii 2006 57
2 PS2 2000 60
3 PS4 2013 75
4 PS5 2020 98
5 Xbox One 2013 104
6 Xbox 360 2005 110
7 PlayStation 1 1995 114
8 Xbox Series S and X 2020 128
9 Nintendo Switch 2017 140
10 Xbox 2002 162

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