Xbox Japan

Yesterday, we brought news that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S seem to be doing pretty well in Europe, as Microsoft's pair of current-gen consoles sold better across the region last year than in 2021 - even if the jump was small at roughly 4%. Over in Japan, the growth is much, much more rapid.

According to new figures from Famitsu, Xbox Series X and S combined 2022 sales were more than double the region's 2021 figures. Last year, Microsoft sold 269,737 units total, putting lifetime Xbox Series X|S sales at 398,395 in Japan since their late 2020 launch.

This is impressive stuff! Xbox has typically struggled in Japan, especially during the Xbox One era, but the brand seems to be bouncing back with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Xbox's continued push to get Japanese games onto the platform is likely helping. You only have to look at some of this month's upcoming Game Pass drops to see how seriously Microsoft is taking the Japanese market this generation.

Are you impressed by these figures? Happy to see Xbox thriving in Japan? Let us know your thoughts.

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