A lot has been said about Arkane's decision to launch Redfall at 30FPS on console - even if a 60FPS performance patch is planned for a future update. With all the talk surrounding the game's technical details, we decided to put together a comparison video showcasing how each platform compares from a visual standpoint.

Up above, we've taken a look at Redfall on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, and aside from the obvious frame rate bump on PC, there are some other notable differences. Reflections take a pretty big hit on Xbox Series S, alongside overall resolution and visual clarity.

The PC version is definitely a step above both Xbox Series X and Series S here, as you'd probably expect. We're very curious to see how the team works in a 60FPS console patch in the near future and what that looks like for both Xbox platforms. For now - here's a look at the launch version of Redfall!

What do you think to each version? Happy with the platform you're playing on? Let us know what you think to this Redfall comparison down below.