Xbox Players Encouraged To Change Two Camera Settings In Redfall

Redfall's Xbox Game Pass launch has finally arrived, and in and amongst a range of initial impressions, players have started to mess around with the in-game settings to make for a smoother experience all round.

Much has been said about the team's decision to launch with 30FPS only, but a couple of camera setting changes can help alleviate the input lag that often comes with a lower frame rate. We've tested this out ourselves and can confirm that these changes make a huge difference (especially the 'Input Response Preset' option), so we'll include a step-by-step guide on changing these settings down below.

Redfall Camera Settings Xbox Series X And Series S

First off, head to the game's options menu and from here, select 'Settings' under 'System'.

xbox game pass redfall

Then, scroll down to 'Controller' and select this option.

xbox redfall settings

You'll then be presented with a few options for changing your camera settings in Redfall. Moving 'Input Response Preset' down to low is an absolute must - it hugely reduces the initial input lag you'll feel playing the game.

From there, it's about messing with the 'Controller Sensitivity' option to find your preferred number. We liked it sat at 4 on the scale.

xbox redfall

And there you have it, while 60FPS will no doubt help with input lag even more, this is the best way to play Redfall right now, before a performance mode patch arrives.

Let us know down below if this helps with your Redfall experience on Xbox!