So, Hogwarts Legacy finally landed on last-gen consoles earlier this month, and an initial look at the Xbox One version showed some surprisingly positive results for this port overall.

However, since launch last Friday the team at Digital Foundry has taken a deeper look at the last-gen versions, showcasing how all consoles stack up against each other. The analysis up above shows how the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4 and PS4 Pro versions all compare, while also showing a head-to-head between Xbox One S and Xbox Series S.

In general, we still reckon the old-gen versions hold up pretty well. Just like that first look video, load times are one of the biggest issues here, but the rest of the game seems pretty solid considering how old these systems all are.

There are some notable drawbacks though - particularly in texture quality and resolution. Having said that, the Xbox One X pixel count is noticeably higher than all other last-gen versions - even PS4 Pro!

If you're interested in playing the last-gen version of Hogwarts Legacy on one of these consoles, we definitely recommend giving the comparison a look before deciding which system to go for!

What do you make of DF's findings here? Let us know which system you're playing on down below.