Hogwarts Legacy Continues To Sell Gangbusters Following Last-Gen Launch

Hogwarts Legacy finally came to last-gen consoles on Friday following an almost-three-month wait since the game's Xbox Series X|S launch. The delay seems to have been worth it though, not only for the state of the game on Xbox One, but also for Warner Bros. to gain a second sales wind.

This week's UK sales data is in, and Hogwarts Legacy has shot right back to number one on the charts in the region. It knocks the brand-new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor off top spot from last week's list, with Respawn's Star Wars adventure now sitting at number two.

This perhaps isn't surprising given how many Xbox One and PS4 consoles are out there, but to jump back to top spot for what is effectively a second launch of the game with a much smaller marketing push is no small feat.

Thankfully for fans who are picking the last-gen version up this week - it seems to hold up pretty well. Early footage of the Xbox One version of Hogwarts Legacy shows surprisingly good results for a console that's into its 10th year on the market!

Are you at all surprised that Hogwarts Legacy is still doing this well? Let us know what you make of the charts down below.