After a few months of waiting, Hogwarts Legacy has finally arrived on last-gen consoles and it looks like the wait may have been worth it for Xbox One players after all.

As showcased by The Xbox Tester up above, Hogwarts Legacy on last-gen consoles actually looks pretty good. Bare in mind that this video shows the game being played on the original Xbox One console from way back in 2013.

There are clear cutbacks to the graphics and to NPC density here, but given the substantial delay, we feared for this port to be quite honest. In fact, the load times seem to be the most egregious problem that remains, thanks to the Xbox One's internal hard drive as opposed to the SSDs found in Xbox Series X|S.

If the full game holds up as well as we see in this clip, Hogwarts Legacy looks well worth a play for those still using these older consoles. We absolutely loved our time exploring the Wizarding World back in February and it's great to see that Xbox One players should now be able to enjoy it just as much!

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