Xbox's Aaron Greenberg (VP of Xbox Games Marketing) appeared as part of the Community Indie Showcase 2023 event on YouTube over the weekend, where he picked out four upcoming Xbox Game Pass titles to look forward to.

Specifically, the point here is to highlight upcoming ID@Xbox games, so there's a reason why Aaron isn't namedropping the likes of Starfield and Redfall! All four of these are indie titles, and some of them are arriving extremely soon.

We'll throw some trailers and dates below, along with quotes from Aaron about each game:

Ravenlok - May 4 (Console, PC)

"This is from the makers of Echo Generation, which is a masterpiece. This is what we call a Voxel Art action-RPG, it's set in a fantastical world... it's coming very soon, you should definitely add it to your list."

Cassette Beasts - April 26 (PC), Spring TBD (Console)

"This is a turn-based open world RPG where you can combine two monsters together to create new, unique ones. Who wouldn't want to do that?"

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox - April 27 (Console, PC)

"This is a lovecraftian metroidvania game that's made by a new team in Poland called Plot Twist. It's super unique, it's been getting a lot of great praise, and we're excited for you to get hands on it soon."

Hollow Knight: Silksong - 2023 TBD (Console, PC)

"The small team that are working on the sequel, we know are going to make sure they get it exactly right. We don't yet have a date on that, just like me you're probably waiting for that moment. Really excited about Silksong."

You'll find all of these, along with a massive selection of other confirmed Xbox Game Pass titles for 2023 elsewhere on Pure Xbox, and don't forget to check out the highlights from the recent ID@Xbox April 2023 Showcase as well.

Liking the look of these? Which are you most interested in? Tell us down in the comments below.