The Division Heartland is an upcoming free-to-play spin-off from the folks over at Ubisoft that we've not heard too much about yet - aside from a few brief trailers at recent Ubi showcases. However, tonight's 'Division Day' Livestream has brought us a much more in depth look at the title, which is launching as a free-to-play game in the near future.

We've dropped the new deep dive up above, where the team goes over quite a lot of gameplay details relating to its upcoming survival game spin on The Division. For now we don't have a nailed on Xbox launch date, but you can sign up for the team's next playtest via The Division Heartland website.

Alongside this gameplay deep dive, Ubisoft has also released the cinematic intro to Heartland, which provides a bit of lore and backstory to this survival experience - a worthy watch if you're into the overarching story of The Division! We'll leave that cinematic trailer down below:

Are you excited to try out this free-to-play The Division title? Let us know what you think to the new trailers!