Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Appears To Have A Ridiculously Large Download Size On Xbox Series X

We're still waiting on preloads to go live on Xbox for the highly anticipated release of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor later this month, but an early screenshot appears to show that we'll need around 140GB of space on Xbox Series X for it.

This image has been doing the rounds over the past 24 hours on social media, presumably captured by someone with access to a review copy. There's also been a suggestion that the Series S version could be significantly smaller...

We'd suggest not reading too much into the Series S figure just yet, as we haven't seen any concrete proof of a 44GB download, and of course we're still a couple of weeks away from launch - so things could change before release.

The same could be said of the 140GB download on Xbox Series X, as perhaps this is just an early download size that will be reduced in time for April 28th, but it does appear the PS5 version is also around the same figure:

Whatever the final Xbox Series X size might be, it's probably worth clearing some storage space now!

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