Obsidian Entertainment has revealed its latest Grounded update and yep, it's coming to Xbox platforms today! The 'Super Duper' update features more than 100 new craftable items, a bunch of new creatures and a whole lot more.

The extent of the update is all detailed in the above trailer, which goes over everything players can expect to go hands-on with as part of the Super Duper package. Here's a little bit more about the new content coming later today:

"The Grounded team is excited to bring update 1.2 to the community today. Rightfully titled the Super Duper update, this massive update brings with it many quality-of-life changes, more than 100 new items to craft, a brand new Base Coziness feature, and the terrifying new wasps.

Get ready to buzz with excitement as wasps invade the yard. Battle with wasps and drones that guard their mini hives across the upper yard. Keep your eyes peeled for the hidden main nest as well."

Alongside this sizable update comes some welcome news for those who might want to give Grounded a go on PC via Steam. The game has now been fully Steam Deck verified by Valve, and a free weekend is coming to the platform too. You can go hands-on with Grounded on Steam for free from April 27th through May 1st.

Are you going to jump into Grounded's Super Duper update? Maybe on Steam Deck? Let us know!

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