Xbox Begins Advertising 'Candy Crush Saga' As New Free-To-Play Release 2

Update: It looks like Xbox's advertising of Candy Crush Saga may have turned out to be a mistake. Shortly after this article went live, the ad was swiftly removed from the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox.

Our best guess here is that the Windows 10 PC version was accidentally being displayed on the Xbox Store.

We'll let you know if we get any further developments about this.

Original story: Microsoft doesn't own the company behind mega mobile hit Candy Crush just yet (although progress is being made on that front), but it looks like we could be getting the game on Xbox for the first time in the near future.

Microsoft Rewards is already advertising the title on Xbox, which takes you to the product page when you hit the link. There's no release date, but we're assuming it'll be pretty soon - as long as the listing isn't a mistake, of course.

Xbox Begins Advertising 'Candy Crush Saga' As New Free-To-Play Release 3

Interestingly, an Xbox One-supported version of Candy Crush Saga was also spotted back in August and September of 2022 by various Xbox users as part of their game libraries, and it still exists today with the "Xbox One" tag if you search for it on the official Xbox mobile app, but as far as we're aware, you can't yet access it on console. That said, there are also various other games with the "Xbox One" tag on the official Xbox app that can't be accessed on console.

Microsoft already offers the game on multiple platforms including Windows PC right now, so an Xbox version makes sense. We'll just have to wait and see whether it comes to fruition, and whether it'll be well-optimised for console if so.

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