Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is getting a full remake on Xbox next month, and the team at Frogwares is here to show off more of its upcoming horror detective adventure. Although a reimagining of the 2007 original, this new version of The Awakened is getting a "totally reworked" storyline in 2023.

The dev team says that this rework aims to put a larger focus on both main characters equally, so you can expect Holmes and Watson to get their fair share of the limelight in next month's remake.

Here's what lead narrative designer Antonina Melnykova has said about the new story elements:

"One of the biggest changes we made narrative wise in this remake is how the young Holmes and Watson relationship plays out. It’s our creative take on what horrors the two could have encountered in their first major case that would then go on to solidify their famous bond. And so we’ve given much more of a spotlight to Watson here than before. He has a totally unique story-line compared to the original game, he is playable in parts of the game, and the new ending is very much influenced by him as much as by Sherlock.

Since Sherlock is dealing with Eldritch gods, monsters, cults and the questioning of his very existence, Watson often acts as an anchor to stop Sherlock drifting too far into insanity. But we couldn’t just have it feel like Watson is this one-dimensional safety net with no character or flaws of his own. So this new version of the story is as much about them as two people as it is about unfathomable Lovecraftian monstrosities."

You can find out how all of these changes shake out when Sherlock Holmes The Awakened comes to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on April 11th, 2023.

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