actiblizz xbox

The Xbox ActiBlizz news just keeps on coming! After an FTC attorney just revealed that settlement talks between the US authority and Microsoft are yet to commence, the UK Competition and Markets Authority is back with an update of its own.

The CMA has decided to extend its investigation period, meaning any ruling on Microsoft's Activision Blizzard purchase will now arrive by April 26th. Previously, the government authority had set a deadline of March 1st 2023.

However, it sounds like we may get an update in advance of this new deadline, as the CMA says it "aims to complete the inquiry as soon as possible and in advance of this date". Hearings have taken place throughout December with the involved parties - hearings that will now continue into January.

Once the hearings are wrapped up and every side has said their piece, the authority is set to share its provisional findings with all of those involved, before each party is then given chance to submit further evidence. Submission deadlines are currently set for March, before the final report is scheduled for release by April 26th, the new deadline date.

Well, this is all getting a bit confusing isn't it? The gist of things is that by April 26 — barring any further delays — we should know the UK CMA's ruling on Xbox's Activision Blizzard merger.

Do you want this deal to be wrapped up as much as us? Or are you enjoying its twists and turns? Let us know down below!