Resident Evil 4 Remake Isn't Launching On Xbox One, But Retailers Are Advertising It Anyway

Resident Evil 4 Remake is coming out in about two months, and the nature of its release seems to be causing some confusion, especially when it comes to Xbox platforms.

You see, Capcom has opted to leave the Xbox One behind for this one, yet RE4 Remake is still hitting the PlayStation 4. So, it's kind of cross-gen, but kind of not at the same time, and we're starting to see some stores falsely advertise the game as an Xbox One title.

Over on Reddit, one user has spotted Resident Evil 4 at a local Smyths store (a chain retailer in the UK), and the store's placeholder box art says that the game is coming to both Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

Now, this is just a placeholder box of course, but still, we'd hate to see folks pick this up and then not be able to play it on their console, which would be the case for Xbox One players here.

Amazon UK has a similar issue on its hands, although it's perhaps even more confusing. Amazon's listing says "Xbox Series X S" in the title, but the product selection box states "Xbox One / Series X" as the platforms.

To be clear, Resident Evil 4 Remake is not coming to Xbox One, so don't let these listings fool you. Hopefully, retailers can iron this out before the game hits Xbox Series X and S on March 24th.

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