Lots Of Games Reduced By 90% In The Xbox Black Friday Sale 2022
Image: Far Cry 3 Classic Editon

Looking for some cheap Xbox games during the Xbox Black Friday Sale 2022?

As you might expect, we've got hundreds of games included in the Black Friday Sale this year, and a good number of those have been discounted by anywhere from 80% to 90%, resulting in some incredible deals for great titles.

If you're coming here for Far Cry 3, just keep in mind that the Classic Edition isn't quite as good as the original Xbox 360 version in our view - it only runs at 30FPS on Xbox Series X and Series S compared to the 60FPS original (which was FPS Boosted last year), and it's also had a few criticisms concerning its sound quality. It's still a great game, but these are a couple of downsides to be aware of.

The 90% discounts are in the table, and you'll find some highlights for 80% and 85% below. If you're looking for more Xbox Black Friday guides, don't forget to check out our list of all backwards compatible games in the Xbox Black Friday sale, as well as our Pure Xbox list of the best Xbox Black Friday deals available right now!

Xbox Games Reduced By 90% This Week

Content Title UK Price US Price Discount
Anthem £5.99 $5.99 90%
Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition £6.99 $6.99 90%
Beast Quest £1.67 $1.99 90%
Dead Alliance £2.49 $2.99 90%
EA Family Bundle £3.49 $3.99 90%
Far Cry 3 Classic Edition £2.49 $2.99 90%
Homefront: The Revolution £1.59 $1.99 90%
Mad Max £2.99 $4.99 90%
My Hero One’s Justice £4.99 $5.99 90%
Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker £4.99 $5.99 90%
One Piece World Seeker £4.99 $5.99 90%
One Piece: Burning Blood £4.99 $5.99 90%
Rogue Stormers £1.59 $1.99 90%
Rogue Stormers & Giana Sisters Bundle £1.99 $2.49 90%
XCOM 2 Collection £7.99 $9.99 90%

Here are a few other highlights we've picked out from the 80-85% range:

Games Reduced By 85%

Games Reduced By 80%

Taking advantage of any of these Xbox discounts? Let us know down in the comments below.

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