Elder Scrolls Online Creator ZeniMax Working On Huge New IP
Image: ZeniMax Media

The Microsoft-owned company ZeniMax - aka the parent of Bethesda and perhaps best known for its massive multiplayer title The Elder Scrolls Online - reportedly has a new IP in the works that's apparently had a lot of time and money invested in it.

During an appearance on the Product Builders YouTube podcast last month, ZeniMax Online Studios creative director Ben Jones mentioned how the team has been working on a brand-new project for four and a half years.

Jones elaborated on this, explaining how the project had already had a "considerable" amount of investment put into it, and noting how the design team is made up of over 50 people. It seems the full development team stretches to close to 200 people, who are spread across the globe.

No additional details have been shared about this project. Between ZeniMax Online and Bethesda, the most recent games include an expansion for The Elder Scrolls earlier this year, and Todd Howard's highly anticipated release Starfield, which was delayed back in May. It will now be arriving in the first half of 2023.

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