Many Studios Are 'Desperately' Trying To Avoid Xbox Series S, Claims Developer

Well, these are some pretty strong words...!

A VFX Artist at Bossa Studios (I Am Fish, Surgeon Simulator) has claimed that "many" developers have been sitting in meetings trying to drop mandatory launch requirements for the Xbox Series S as the console has been causing issues.

The tweets from Ian Maclure, which are now private but were originally transcribed by VGC, were in response to a discussion about whether the Xbox Series S holds back next-gen games, with Maclure stating the following:

"...The reason you are hearing it a lot right now is because MANY developers have been sitting in meetings for the past year desperately trying to get Series S launch requirements dropped."

Maclure went on to explain that developers have already wrestled with the Xbox Series S over the past couple of years, and now that games are being targeted at next-gen consoles specifically, they don't want to go through it all again:

“Studios have been through one development cycle where Series S turned out to be an albatross around the neck of production, and now that games are firmly being developed with new consoles in mind, teams do not want to repeat the process."

It's just not Maclure, either - last week, Rocksteady Senior Character Technical Artist Lee Devonald also had some criticisms for the Series S in now-deleted tweets, claiming that games were being "hamstrung by that potato".

Crazy stuff, then! What do you make of all this? Let us know down in the comments section below.