Surgeon Simulator 2 Suffers A Rough Launch Day On Xbox Game Pass
Image: Bossa Studios

Surgeon Simulator 2 launched into Xbox Game Pass yesterday (September 2nd), and while many have been eager to jump into some medical mayhem with friends, it's unfortunately been plagued with a fair few teething problems.

Yesterday saw a huge influx of players diving into the game which caused some strain. Long load times were present when attempting to log in, multiplayer was a bust, and from our own experiences, a few glitches were present.

Fortunately, the developers at Bossa Studios are aware of the many issues and are working effortlessly to bring these fixes to Xbox as soon as possible. Constant communication has been delivered via the game's Discord and the current issues the team are working on consist of:

  • Authentication issues
  • Multiplayer and partying-up not working correctly
  • Stuck on loading / black screen
  • Notifications of in-game bans
  • Long loading times
  • Daily challenges not fetching or loading

A hotfix has been pushed out for PC players, however the team is continuing to investigate problems on Xbox surrounding players who cannot enter the game.

At the time of writing, the team has confirmed the Xbox version "has had more significant issues", due to the influx of Game Pass players. More updates are promised to arrive today, but some players may already notice some improvements after some overnight work.

It's a shame, but thankfully Bossa Studios is working hard to fix these issues. While it's easy to say they should have prepared, it's not always as simple with such an unknown number of players diving in with Game Pass. Hopefully, in a few days, these issues are forgotten and players can get back into causing chaos in the operating theatre.

Have you run into any issues with Surgeon Simulator 2? Let us know in the comments below.